What is Organomineral Fertilizer?

Organomineral fertilizer called new generation fertilizer; It is a type of fertilizer developed to enrich the agricultural lands whose productivity has decreased due to unconscious agricultural practices and to return the minerals needed by the grown products to the soil. It is obtained by combining the soil healing properties of organic materials and the benefits of minerals in a single fertilizer.

In organomineral fertilizers; There are enough elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, sulfur, calcium. In addition to these elements, organic substances also contain nutritional minerals and humic + fulvic acid. It also functions as a soil conditioner with the leonardite it contains. It is important to have a soil analysis before using organomineral fertilizers. Among the organomineral fertilizer types suitable for the results of the analysis, the most suitable for the needs of the soil and the plant should be selected.